Give Yourself
To Create

Babbl came from the mind of an entrepreneurial professional with a storied background.

As someone who came to live in the USA when he was a kid, he was determined to make his mark and shape his own future. His time growing up in Miami pushed him out of his comfort zone and provided the perfect mold for his entrepreneurial mindset.With many ideas and visions, he was particularly intrigued by audio and visual creation. 

Early on in 2020, he was in a pinch and looking for a microphone for a specific podcast recording session. Like many podcasts today, the one he was recording had a visual component to it. As he searched for microphones, he was faced with two realizations:

For a microphone with the audio recording capabilities he needed, he would be spending a fortune. And those microphones didn’t stand out to him visually. 

Then, there were the customizable mic options, which looked cheap and did not have the audio recording capabilities he needed.

Unsatisfied with the market offerings, he created Babbl: a revolutionary mic that helped turn his vision into a reality.

Babbl offers a colorful, easy-to-use recording experience to all different kinds of audio creators. Created by one go-getter for go-getters worldwide, no matter their background.